“Emma is a joy to work with. She makes things happen with flair, poise and humour. Her calm, centred management style is ideally suited to producing the best from whichever team she works with. In the West of England Design Forum, Emma drives a huge variety of activity to inspire, motivate and encourage design professionals, often juggling 5 or 6 projects at a time and making each one successful and rewarding for those taking part. Emma is a huge asset to any team she chooses to work with and I am delighted to continue to work with her.” Anna Traylor, Programme Director, Waitrose Supplier Partnership Group.

“The basis of any good group of volunteers is a manager who can rally people to the same cause, organise and inspire them, while devoting countless hours to ensure everything runs smoothly. No one fits this criteria within the West of England Design Forum more than Emma, who is not only fantastic at managing the team, (no easy task, as there are over 20 members scattered about Bristol and Bath), but is also an excellent leader who instructs seamlessly through her bubbly personality and positive attitude, which makes her a pleasure to work with. Emma plans and oversees all of the events that the WEDF deliver, which range from sell out talks, to lectures that involve an intimate group of people. Each member is always indebted to Emma’s skills, as time and time again she proves that there would be no forum without her.” Alex Johnson, Creative Consultant in Brand and Identity.

“I worked with Emma over several years with WEDF and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services. She knows how creative businesses work and appreciates the issues that they deal with. Emma is straight-forward, practical and can handle a whole variety of projects, and because of her experience she can also propose and lead on activities.” Lynne Elvins, Founder and Design Manager at Design Rally.

“Since Emma’s involvement with WEDF she has been a safe and inspirational pair of hands. Working with everyone from design business owners to students and commissioning bodies to local government as well as being the glue that holds the West of England Design Forum volunteers together. She is an excellent organiser of both people and events. Thinking of solutions to problems before they occur, utilising her strategic skills to think outside of the box and her pragmatic skills to pack the box up ready to go. The whole package is neatly wrapped with a great knowledge of how to best promote an event to the right audiences. Everything Emma undertakes is carried out with professionalism, tenacity and a great sense of humour. She is a pleasure to work alongside.” Emma Hopton, Strategy Analyst at Taxi Studio,  Maker and Educator.